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Second Season

We are well into the second growing season and despite a late frost in the spring we seem to be off to a good start. Each year so far we are expanding the garden. Working up new ground which is slow, hard work as the land was fallow for years before we moved here only a couple year ago. Of course in gardening most hard work is rewarded, once tilled the fresh soil is very rich and healthy.

The hens are happy to be out on pasture after the long cold months all cooped up (pun intended). The hens are so happy we have currently excess eggs, so come to the farm and get a dozen. We have received many compliments on the quality of our eggs. What's the difference you ask? With grass, bugs, organic feed, and garden spoilage to eat, exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of space to roam our happy hens make eggs with a rich orange yolk that holds together well and tastes delicious!

We'll try to keep blogging so we welcome any feedback or questions. 

farmer Dave

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